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We understand interior design as the discipline that helps us create the environments where we want to live in. We believe that it is essential to understand the daily functioning of a space, the activities that are carried out, the needs and the connection with the emotional states. From these starting points we propose atmospheres, where all the senses are represented in order to offer a holistic view. Color is linked to form, space, composition, textures and emotions. We cover the search from all these fields to propose comprehensive and superior answers.



Only when the perfect balance between visual beauty and functional performance is achieved, a space or a product can provide a consistent and successful user experience. CMF's design discipline (Color, Material & Finish) focuses on designing and specifying colors, materials and finishes to support the functional and emotional attributes of products. The work of the CMF designer combines aesthetics and practical knowledge of materials and technologies with intangible human perceptions of color. From that point of view, we work with industrial designers, textiles, architects, interior designers or brands to develop compositions for materials for different applications.


We create the concepts that give life to images. We work adding value to projects, enhancing qualities, making  a bold look. We take care of every detail of the product identity or brand, understanding the needs and bringing innovative proposals. Our knowledge of composition, shape, color, texture, and trends allows us to get ahead, proposing well-founded ideas. We create imaginery for brands, campaigns, or media content, working with excellent photographers and retouchers, seeking excellence in the final result.


Impact and acceptance are essential factors when it comes to achieving business goals when it comes to visual communication. In this context, we understand that color is a fundamental tool, increasingly studied and analyzed by the academic and marketing world. The color correctly applied to brands and products can modify the value, the meaning, and the sensations that they generate and their link with the users. Understanding these new needs, we offer specialized reading on the subject applied to different disciplines.


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The interior design coaching service aims to solve the problems of an environment related to this topic.

We develop a personalized and express method, where we propose the main guidelines such as, composition of space, style, habits and color palette.

The system works as a guide and consists of a meeting of between 2 or 3 hours at your home,

The first part is an interview about what are your tastes, what is your personality, who lives with you, what are your habits, what do you want to maintain and what do you want to change and what are your aesthetic expectations.

With this information, we analyze the furniture, the lighting and the decorative objects. We guide you in the YES and NO, we look for references, we propose concrete ideas and specific solutions. Both in regards to the one that already exists, and in regards to possible changes and renovations.



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